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OOBE / Digitalisea

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In the end, I know I really like a record when to me it sounds good even when listened underwater. I can not remember exactly how this freakish habit started, but it most certainly comes from back when I first discovered the Velvet Underground – when I read that John Cale wanted to record his third aborted album with the band with all the amps submerged in a swimming pool. This kind of image stuck with me and from thereon I started paying attention to how even those melodies that thought I knew so well seemed to transform completely when listened with my head beneath the water.

The beauty of OOBE’s second effort is that there are moments in it in which it actually feels like you already have your head underwater. The Italian producer had already proven his fantastic skills in creating soft mesopelagic distortions with the essential techno of last year’s SFTCR (Opal Tapes, 2013). With Digitalisea, OOBE embraces the appealing Post Internet-ish identity of newly-spawned 1080p label with both enthusiasm and integrity to his own vision, the synergy between the two vectors resulting in a pretty decent example of digital music sounding perfectly organic.



There are very few valid examples from the last couple of years of digital music sounding so warm and intimate, despite its cold and impalpable origin (one of them being, just to throw a name, Jam City’s Classical Curves back from 2012 on Night Slugs). And the best moments in OOBE’s Digitalisea are precisely those tracks where the rhythm slows down – where kicks, hi-hats and such take a step back and let the liquid mantra-like melodies submerge the listener: Deep Space Lovers or Lightblue must be how closing yourself in a sensory deprivation tank feels like.

If that is true, there is no better name for the artist that crafted such sonic experiences than OOBE = Out Of Body Experience.

OOBE is feeding your hunger on Friday November 28 during Beato Bigote New Media Art Festival in Treviso, showcasing his new material. Save the date cause you’re going to live a postmodern internet experience in an ancient Medieval building.


Artwork: Davis Ayer


Let’s Talk and Play / OOBE

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Out-Of-Body Experience is an experience that typically involves a sensation of floating outside one’s body and, in some cases, perceiving one’s physical body from a place outside one’s body. We don’t know if there’s any link with his moniker but we are sure this is the effect we achieve with his sound.
Yari Malaspina aka OOBE is a rising Turin-based producer who released his debut SFTCR on UK label Opal Tapes in 2013. We reached him for a short conversation and he made a very special EC mixtape, full of unreleased stuff.


EC: Opal Tapes is one of the most interesting labels of the last two years and your excellent SFTCR had and has a great success. How did your collaboration with Stephen Bishop start?

Thanks for your kind words…glad you like my album, well my collaboration with big Steve started  quite randomly, at the time I was working on some new stuff and my flat mate Vaghe Stelle told me to send those traks to OPAL TAPES, I didn t know about the label so I’ve make a search and i found out it was so good then I’ve tried to send the stuff and the boss answer me back 2 days later interested makin a tape…I was surprised really!

EC: What are you listening in these period and what about your favourite records ever?

I don’t really listen to a lot of things, most of record I’ve owned comes from my friends….I am more focused on the same thing for months with the repeat mode on my I pod…but I can tell you right now could be  ACTRESS  R.I.P  this album hit me a lot for sure…

EC: What do you think about DIY in music? I mean the artistic attitude that as far as I’m concerned is often a reflection of lack of ideas.

Last opinion belongs to heart and ears… It’s not the medium which makes the real difference. Chaos itself is fucked-up and with no ideas but this is its real essence, I think. Doing things on your own get good results, but I don’t believe it’s important as to be talented with something to say or having something to say but don’t be able to send the message in the right way.

EC: Which are the perfect conditions or the suitable contest where you love to create your music? And which is your working process?

I don t really have a place to make my music, everywhere is good, I produce only with my lat top so could be a bar or home or plain, train, club… everytimes I have an idea… my approach is really chaotic, I never know where I am going.

I think it’s more a matter of feeling the  vibration arounds you…like a swarm of gnats the the difficulty lies in taking them.

EC: What about future plans? Tours, collaborations, new releases?

I am working on two different albums right now, two different sounds, hopefully both will be realised, but I need to finish them, I’ve no rush so….

In terms of collaborations I am in contact with BAT and could probably come out some cool shit this year, who knows?!

EC: Is there an haiku you’d use to describe OOBE?

OOBE its somethings belongs to me…people close to me know the meaning of this moniker.

EC: In internal debate we are still discussing: is the earthworm flirting with a Fiat Duna Turbo i.e. or with a Croma or Uno?

Hahah is the legendary UNO turbo i.e, it was the first supercar for the working class, so fast, a lot of young people died with this car but it meant a lot in terms of escape from the ordinary life, at the time to have strong emotions you had to put a needle into the veins or buy a Ferrari.


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