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Pinapardo + N.A.Y. / Krafft-Ebing’s Beard

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Behind the scenes of our webzine a new project sees the light of day. We are talking about the collaboration between interdisciplinary Spanish collective Pinapardo (Maria Tamames – Ana Cubero) and Italian producer Not Alive Yet which aims to be an audio-visual installation series, merging design and technology with the specific purpose to create an innovative language made of  unknown textures, structures, frames and sounds. ” A project which investigates conceptual parallelisms to develop an intimate and singular vision.”


Mixed media collage tecnique is applied in order to lose yourself in the intricated facial hair of German psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing where you will find, according to the artists, an interactive place for humankind to fragment the intangible and to pour emotions. A sensorial three-dimensional perspective to take viewers into Pinapardo + N.A.Y’s personal universe.

The wait is over and after the teaser you can now watch the full length video and be ready for the live experience. Coming soon.

(If you want, you can buy here, the 12″ N.A.Y. track)



Not Alive Yet / The Mole Map

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The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself - Bertrand Russell

Not Alive Yet drops a refreshing early summer mix which contains thoughts on geography of skin, ginger beer and perfect symmetry in nature. It features sounds from Dave Saved, Panda Valium, Not Waving, Opal Tapes artists like Huerco S. and DJ Ford Foster plus many more. Stream and download it below.

Photo:  Joshua Citarella

Not Alive Yet X Jerusalem In My Heart

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Recently EC crew member and enigmatic electronic producer Not Alive Yet uploaded a re-edit for the astonishing, dramatic track by Montreal-based multiethnic trio Jerusalem In My Heart. The original production with Arabic pulling vocals is Koll Lil-Mali7ati Fi Al-Khimar Al-Aswadi and it’s included in their debut album Mo7it Al-Mo7it out on March via Constallation Records (Saltland, Colin Stetson).  Nice to know that  the  the idea behind JIMH full length work is to “build on the exchange between Arabic and digital communication on Anglicized hardware; the numbers in Mo7it Al-Mo7it represent phonetic sounds not present in English and are therefore signified in text messages between speakers of Arabic through numerical form”. NAY version is somewhere in between post-dubstep, folktronic and experimental. Stream it below.

Header photo: Delaney Allen

Not Alive Yet / Ubiquitous Cosmetics

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It was quite a few time we didn’t hear from him but a few days ago the enigmatic performer  and member of EC crew Not Alive Yet dropped a new mixtape featuring state-of-the-art names of bass/electronic musc including Lukid, IVVVO, Prurient, Anstam, Actress, ∆ ∆ and more. The concept around his new work is quite weird: the day when all cosmetics will stop working. Try to imagine you buying stuff in the supermarket then suddenly all women faces start to collapse or you are sun-tanning on the beach then the smell of crispy skinned roasted chicken reach your nose. Who are really people behind make-up masks? Stream and download below Ubiquitous Cosmetics.