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OOBE / Digitalisea

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In the end, I know I really like a record when to me it sounds good even when listened underwater. I can not remember exactly how this freakish habit started, but it most certainly comes from back when I first discovered the Velvet Underground – when I read that John Cale wanted to record his third aborted album with the band with all the amps submerged in a swimming pool. This kind of image stuck with me and from thereon I started paying attention to how even those melodies that thought I knew so well seemed to transform completely when listened with my head beneath the water.

The beauty of OOBE’s second effort is that there are moments in it in which it actually feels like you already have your head underwater. The Italian producer had already proven his fantastic skills in creating soft mesopelagic distortions with the essential techno of last year’s SFTCR (Opal Tapes, 2013). With Digitalisea, OOBE embraces the appealing Post Internet-ish identity of newly-spawned 1080p label with both enthusiasm and integrity to his own vision, the synergy between the two vectors resulting in a pretty decent example of digital music sounding perfectly organic.



There are very few valid examples from the last couple of years of digital music sounding so warm and intimate, despite its cold and impalpable origin (one of them being, just to throw a name, Jam City’s Classical Curves back from 2012 on Night Slugs). And the best moments in OOBE’s Digitalisea are precisely those tracks where the rhythm slows down – where kicks, hi-hats and such take a step back and let the liquid mantra-like melodies submerge the listener: Deep Space Lovers or Lightblue must be how closing yourself in a sensory deprivation tank feels like.

If that is true, there is no better name for the artist that crafted such sonic experiences than OOBE = Out Of Body Experience.

OOBE is feeding your hunger on Friday November 28 during Beato Bigote New Media Art Festival in Treviso, showcasing his new material. Save the date cause you’re going to live a postmodern internet experience in an ancient Medieval building.


Artwork: Davis Ayer