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OOBE / Digitalisea

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In the end, I know I really like a record when to me it sounds good even when listened underwater. I can not remember exactly how this freakish habit started, but it most certainly comes from back when I first discovered the Velvet Underground – when I read that John Cale wanted to record his third aborted album with the band with all the amps submerged in a swimming pool. This kind of image stuck with me and from thereon I started paying attention to how even those melodies that thought I knew so well seemed to transform completely when listened with my head beneath the water.

The beauty of OOBE’s second effort is that there are moments in it in which it actually feels like you already have your head underwater. The Italian producer had already proven his fantastic skills in creating soft mesopelagic distortions with the essential techno of last year’s SFTCR (Opal Tapes, 2013). With Digitalisea, OOBE embraces the appealing Post Internet-ish identity of newly-spawned 1080p label with both enthusiasm and integrity to his own vision, the synergy between the two vectors resulting in a pretty decent example of digital music sounding perfectly organic.



There are very few valid examples from the last couple of years of digital music sounding so warm and intimate, despite its cold and impalpable origin (one of them being, just to throw a name, Jam City’s Classical Curves back from 2012 on Night Slugs). And the best moments in OOBE’s Digitalisea are precisely those tracks where the rhythm slows down – where kicks, hi-hats and such take a step back and let the liquid mantra-like melodies submerge the listener: Deep Space Lovers or Lightblue must be how closing yourself in a sensory deprivation tank feels like.

If that is true, there is no better name for the artist that crafted such sonic experiences than OOBE = Out Of Body Experience.

OOBE is feeding your hunger on Friday November 28 during Beato Bigote New Media Art Festival in Treviso, showcasing his new material. Save the date cause you’re going to live a postmodern internet experience in an ancient Medieval building.


Artwork: Davis Ayer


Chevel + EVN / Beato Bigote

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We feel very guilty, no presents for our readers. Maybe a bit ashamed.
Nevertheless we can put things right giving you a wonderful special mixtape. Special cause it’s something made just for us.
Here you can stream and download the entire exclusive Chevel+EVN’s live performance played on Friday Dec 20 at Beato Bigote, the event Eclectic Collective set up in Treviso last week.
This is something you can’t find anywhere but here and we are very happy to share it with you. It’s a great example of what they’re able to do with their “toys”.
Chevel and EVN are co-founders of ENKLAV, a label “focused on the interaction of music and technology.”


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“It seems not to be in Treviso”

We know, to most of you this sentence doesn’t mean so much. But to Eclectic Collective represents a craved success.
We must go back to the origins to understand what is Beato Bigote. When you realize that in the small city where you live there are no events that tickle your hidden desires, that is the moment to act. It’s not a question of snobbery: to be honest with you we are very humble persons with a strong will of satisfying those who have our same foolish ambitions. And Beato Bigote is the result of this strong will.

When we decided to act, as we said, we knew that we wanted to provide Treviso with something that could rouse itself from its electronic music apathy. And we wanted to strike the heart of the city. That’s why we conceived the event to be hosted with the help of the association TRA in the wonderful location of Ca’ dei Ricchi, an ancient building dating back to the second half of the fifteenth century. The palace has a Gothic style and its façade is decorated with floral patterns and above all it is located in the most central area of Treviso, right among other astonishing centuries-old buildings. These buildings come untouched from the Middle Age and we like to think of this event as an outburst in the electronic music Middle Age of our city that could lead to a new era of musical happenings.

What has Beato Bigote been?

First of all a mixture of visual arts and sounds. The project set out when the Italian music producer Not Alive Yet, member of Eclectic Collective, started to collaborate with Pinapardo, a Spanish duo composed of Maria Tamames and Ana Cubero devoted to fashion design, collage, visuals and graphics: you can find all the details of this collaboration here. The marriage between NAY and Pinapardo gave birth to Krafft-Ebing’s Beard, a lysergic digging out into textures of images and sounds.

The success achieved by NAY and Pinapardo aroused the idea of displaying to a huge audience the results of their efforts. This is the conception of Beato Bigote: building around Krafft Ebing’s Beard a whole event dedicated to the union of Collage Art and Live Electronic Music Performances.

The huge old room of Ca’ dei Ricchi has been set up as a whole product of art able to react to the presence of people. The main installation was an interactive wall made by three different collage backgrounds composed of floating figures which changed when someone touched them, creating volumes and perspectives.



A great attraction which caused a general astonishment among the participants. Something in this installation shocked even the most unresponsive sckepticals.

Eight high curtains falling from the ceiling, four on the left and four on the right, were the perfect canvas where to project the visual elements created to follow the live music performances. Quasi Montecarlo and Hector De La Puente created the visuals along with the creation of the sounds by each artist. Some elastic wires were drawn in front of the stage to react with the light beams giving the effect of a laser system.

Beato Bigote numbers:

– 7 gigs of electronic music
– 1 live setup
– 1 interactive installation wall
– 300 hundreds persons came to see what was going on
– nearly 50 persons who asked “Where am I? Why am I here?”

Let’s see in details the protagonists of this event.

Thursday 19

The first evening the big room assumed the features of a place of worship.

Lonely Nose opens the festival presenting is brand new project “Morboso”. Morboso is the pathology of insane curiosity that leads you to find interesting even the most crank stuff. With a selection of tracks that reveal the vast and accurate musical knowledge of Lonely Nose, he helped to set the mood for the entire show. A tribute to whatever is trash and seems very kitsch. And it was also the triumph of some false idols that appeared on the curtains songs after songs.

DipSwitch is the second on stage, after the warm up of Lonely Nose. His Burialesque approach to the live set amazed even the most distracted listener. A huge big-sounding rug filled the room enveloping the meditative audience.


The peak is reached with Alessandro Parisi, the last performer. Alessandro is a well known alchemist who has produced a couple of great records this year. His eighties-horror tracks definitely transformed the room in a gothic cathedral. And it’s curious because during the entire night people didn’t know how to behave, whether they had to dance or not, but Alessandro Parisi’s sounds dissolved every doubt and relieved them from the embarrassment and finally everyone let himself be carried away by his music.

Here you can see an extract from the live set with his Roland keyboard.

Friday 20

After the optimistic opening, the second night started with the best omens and the general word of mouth occurred after the first happening brought a lot of curious persons.

Vlaamse Gaai and his analytical approach created a rarefied but heavy atmosphere that revealed the musical maturity of the artist. It was up to the listener believing that those sounds had been trapped inside the ancient walls till that moment.

beato_bigote_57Then the duo Utopia/Remote tried to bring to the extreme conclusion the path built by Vlaamse Gaai with their syncopated rhythms and their claustrophobic silent dance attitude. As they had the chance to say their music let people’s imagination work while listening.

Third on stage the really-expected live of Chevel and EVN, both founder together with other friends of the label ENKLAV. Chevel is an Italian techno producer who has obtained a huge success in 2013 with his productions while EVN (also from Italy) is grown up with an hip hop and songwriting background and he is now devoted to electronic modular production. The deep sound of the two performers is immediately recognizable and they literally filled the “dance floor” in front of them. A lot of words have been spent for these guys but we must admit that their live exhibition is something indescribable due to the mastery of the two in generating such a developed sound. Behind the live performance there is Hector De La Puente great job in creating weird visuals to describe the vibes. We didn’t know what to expect from him but his unusual artistic caliber kept the eyes fixed on the curtains.

beato_bigote_64The project that gave birth to the event has been the last to be presented. Not Alive Yet and Pinapardo showed their striking efforts to whatever had still doubts about the worth of the exhibition. NAY is a very committed artist of few words who tends to transfer to the music he produces his whole point of view about life. And the Pinapardo duo remembered us that Collage Art is not only something everyone does at tender age but could also be the possibility to amass meanings in the way each of us perceive them.



We started this review of the event with the sentence “It seems not to be in Treviso” cause we think that this was one of our unhoped-for goal. The possibility of creating an un-space, a location where the mix of Arts could extract the inner parts of the audience and where to go just to be stimulated and inspired. Even a place to restore oneself. The inclination of people to remain in a group has been broke up: we saw a lot of single human beings wander inside the room led by some external forces.

Next step for Beato Bigote is to become a Saint. And we’ll do our best to do so.