Sun Glitters / Interview & Venice Mixtape

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A few months ago during the Circuito OFF Festival we had the opportunity to have a chat with our beloved electronic perfomer Sun Glitters.

Below you can stream, download and share the Exclusive Venice Mixtape he made for Eclectic Collective.

EC: Let’s start talking about the exciting EP split released with the 21-years-old Halls. How did you get in touch with Sam Howard and what about this brillant musician?

Victor Ferreira:  I met this guy at Binnacle Festival in London. We were in touch before the EP then we met personally there .. not a lot to say .. this was a really simple contact .. we released two solo tracks then we remixed each others .. He’s a really great and simple guy .

EC: And what about the collaboration with Danish Brian Batz of Sleep Party People?

VF: He came to to play at Fuse Festival in Brussels and I really enjoyed one his track ‘I’m Not Human At All’ then I came in touch with him. At the beginning he just made a remix of my track then I asked him why not using his vocals on my song? .. It was a nice collaboration, was magic.. His voice  with effects is so charming .. I don’t know if I would make it again to keep the material unique.

EC: How would you define Sun Glitters music? Are you inspired by Tri Angle Records?

VF: My music is very minimal. I’m really influenced by the label’s moods which gives me the right inspiration but I don’t think my productions sound as Tri Angle stuff. In my releases you can hear these influences in melancholic parts. What I like in Tri Angle is the dark electronic pop side but full of melodies. I dont’want my music be tagged as witch-house and I don’t want to copy anyone from this label. Some people say SG sounds like Burial but it’s not true. My music is just my music.

EC: Which is the future direction of Sun Glitters sound? Will it be more dance-oriented or more experimental or what?

VF: To be honest not dance! ‘Everything Could Be Fine’ is the most danceable track but I prefer make people feel strong emotions to make them think .. I want to be myself and make music which is expression of my inner feelings .. for example tracks I’m working on for the new album are different but you can always find the SG touch and won’t be danceable at all.

EC: Is Sun Glitters more a musician, a graphic designer, a photographer or a father? What for sure we know SG is a really nice person but tell us more.

VF: All these things for sure but SG is just a name .. It’s what I like to do: making music .. You know .. If you have a baby you have to give him a name even if you don’t know how he/she will look like.

EC: Tonight during your performance we noticed in your visual footage you were using material recorded some hours before around Venice. Are you and your music influenced by places and people?

VF: (laugh) Did you see it? I wanted to do more .. When you make music  you always use a lot of memories of places .. for example in my new 7″ track there are some parts from South America .. It’s really important to remember all things I enjoyed .. all these titles are something personal .. I won’t tell  you the exact meanings because sometimes these are very personal .. Through these titles I want make people think and go with my music. I received mails from people saying thank you  for this moment, I had a a great fuck or thank you Victor I had a bad moment and your track made me smile .. If I can convey a message and make people happy, that’s great!

EC: Could you please tell us something about your working process? How do you make your music?

VF: The process begins with an empty set in Ableton Live and then I start playing melodies with NI Reaktor. I keep the best ones, I create loops, then I add bass lines and vocals .. Anyway, there’s no real process. I seat there alone and I start making something .. There are some songs starting with a beat but mostly I start with a melody developed with Reaktor patches .. The most important thing is the melody or the vocals .. The process is just playing with sounds, collecting sounds, then it works like when you assemble all the puzzle pieces all together trying to build an image .. I have a big library of unfinished songs because in that moment I say it’s great then the day after I start listening to it again I change my mind, then I forgot about it for a month and I re-start working on it.

EC: Is Sun Glitters white or black?

VF: Mmm, good question. I  would like to be white but SG is mostly black. You know, music is mirror which reflects my inner feelings. If I had a good day it will be happier .. Anyway I can’t say it’s black because Tri Angle music is black. It’s strange because I’m an happy person in my life but a melancholic side comes out through my melodies .. What sometimes I’ve told people and that’s a good way to paint SG is: try to imagine a Portuguese guy living in Luxembourg, the contrast between the sun and the grey sky.

EC: Victor, if you have to choose between two ingredients you mix in your sound, do you think there’s more sex or sea?

VF: (laugh) Some people see sex in my music .. but in my mind there’s more sea, water. (pause) Trees, I love trees. My music is green. I use to go jogging in the forest and I love the forest. I wish I had written Cure’s ‘A Forest’. The forest is most beautiful thing in the world .. sometimes I take pictures but you can get with a shot what I really see there.

EC: About an year ago the Spanish designer Martin Azua launched a product called Bios-urn: it’s a cinerary urn and contains a seed of a tree. Once your remains have been placed into the urn, it can be planted and then the seed germinates and begins to grow, basically we wil be turned into a tree.

VF: Sun Glitters will definitively be a big tree by the sea.

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