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Reckoner Artwork

Eclectic Collective reached out to Reckoner, India-based producer who recently released his first EP Anachronism. Reckoner is the solo project of guitarist and experimental composer Sumanth Srinivasan. As we can read in his Soundcloud profile ” ‘Anachronism’ ranges from lofi trip-hop to ambient electronic music, touching themes of the melting of time at the border of real and virtual world.’
The lesson here is beware of the web globalization because it could bring to your attention human beings who are evolving faster than you. 

EC. Who is Reckoner? 

I am basically an Engineer from post-globalization India who grew up in the midst of great music and art from all over the world thanks to the internet. I began playing the guitar as a teenager and eventually moved on to writing and producing music using computers. My first major venture as a composer was contributing to the upcoming independent video game Exist by Narcissist Reality.

EC. What is your new EP, Anachronism, about?

Anachronism is about the existence of each of us simultaneously at different points in time. It amuses me that one moment we blissfully admire the golden age of the sixties, and the next moment we conjure up nightmares about the future. A bit of it is also about how we tend to feel a certain kind of alienation upon looking at our own selves from the past — be it laughing over age old posts on social media or staring in confusion at a complete stranger in place of an old friend. The five-track set attempts to incorporate music and moods from different ages, often within the same song.

EC. Surfing your Blog, Across Polyethylene, it is clear that you don’t have creative boundaries. You’re a musician, a painter, a writer. Do you believe this is the kind of artistic personality that could lead cultural world in the near future?

Not necessarily. Although it definitely helps to be able to express in many different ways. It’s like getting to look at a building from all sides — it helps attaining clarity about the world we live in and how consequential or not one’s contribution may be to it.
That said, most of the artists who inspire me have stuck to doing just one thing.

“They’ll stay as long as you want” she said, looking away. It was amusing to dodge suspended raindrops as they stood paused in reality. I ran into some, letting cold beads reside on me. She kept walking. I stayed. I wanted her to stop, and the raindrops to fall again.

WordsSumanth Srinivasan (aka Reckoner)

Artwork: Sumanth Srinivasan (aka Reckoner)

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