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Irina Gliudza is a  talented Russian graphic designer  with a solid working experience for magazines and adv agencies, recently resident at Fabrica and she just delivered a new, inspiring project: Making Art from Breaking Up. Check her works and read the interesting chitchat we had with her.

EC: Could you please tell us something about your working process? What are your inspirations?

When I start working on a topic, first of all, I try to understand what my personal attitude towards it is. Later, I usually talk with people around, get different points of view on the same topic and compare them with mine. I believe that more personal projects turn out to be more interesting for the public. That’s why, my feelings are my greatest inspiration. I pay close attention to my reactions and emotions and try to understand exactly why I feel that way.

EC: Are you now working on a specific project or something you are excited to tell us about?

In a few days I am going to International Poster and Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont, France. I will be presenting my personal social project, which was made during my one year internship at Fabrica, The Benetton Group Communication Centre in Treviso, Italy. It’s called «Making art from breaking-up», and it consists of 10 illustrations telling stories about break-ups and revenge on ex-lovers as well as a participatory project. This project transforms the destructive power of failed love into the positive power of creation. All illustrations are based on real-life stories. I am very curious about how it will work out and what kind of reaction I will get from the public.

EC: Have you got a word, a sentence or an haiku to describe your work?

Consistent. At least, I wish it is.

EC: Which is your favorite colour and does it appear often in your works?

I like black and white. Or a combination of black with very intensive colors like magenta or yellow. Very simple, but it works.

EC: Which is the role of music is your life?

I really envy people who can indeed appreciate music, who can feel and understand it. My relationship with music, is not that easy. A while back, I read a phrase that there are two most abstract kinds of art – music and typography. I think I do better with typography. And when I work – I prefer silence.

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