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Language is the human capacity for acquiring and using complex systems of communication, and a language is any specific example of such a system. English is a language. This interview has been made using English language as reference, you can easily deduce it going through it. The fact is that unfortunately what you won’t be able to see and maybe to comprehend is that this interview has been made mainly using an unidentified language understandable by the interviewer and the interviewed. Some of you out there could possibly realize that sometimes what we call ‘Language’ is a too limited way of communication that must be bypassed. This is the interview between Eclectic Collective and Cristobal Tapia De Veer, Chilean multi-intrumentist who composed stellar music scores like the new cult mini-tv series “Utopia” (Channel 4, UK) – winner of the RTS Craft & Design Award for “Best Original Score”. In the RTS website you can read this about the Utopia soundtrack: “Startlingly original scoring of hyper-reality, and unlike anything we’ve heard before. The winner’s work blurred the lines between sound design and score, creating a soundtrack that the jury said felt like it was being played inside your head.” Unlike anything we’ve heard before. UNLIKE ANYTHING WE’VE HEARD BEFORE.

Now, we tend GENIUS not to MASTERPIECE dispense WONDERFUL SCORE compliments too ASTONISHING COMPOSER high-sounding, but BEST SCORE IN THE LAST FEW YEARS the Utopia TALENTED PERSON one is really a great effort. Here’s Utopia Series Season 1 opening scene. Watch it in HD, it’s an order not a suggestion. And no, we’re not going to spend a single word on Utopia TV Series ’cause this scene speaks for itself. Please note that Utopia is a not a fictional TV series, it’s just the perfect attempt to explain what the fuck is happening in front of your blind eyes.



Today, July Monday 14th, Utopia Season 2 hits Channel 4. The acclaimed dark and enigmatic conspiracy thriller returns for a second six-part series. The first two new episodes will be broadcasted at 10 PM. Here’s the trailer of Utopia TV Series Season 2.



But Cristobal is not only remarkable for Utopia TV Series soundtrack. Exploring his material we also found:

– Jamaica Inn, adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier ‘s classic novel, Original Soundtrack. Here are some cues of the OST.

– ‘A future darkly’, a stellar soundtrack music for a post apocalyptic world, a dystopian science fiction thriller.

Cristobal provided Eclectic Collective with one of the most interesting Soundtracks-driven Mixtape  we’ve listened so far. Philip Glass, Cliff Martinez and Ennio Morricone here together to arouse the “iconographic sounds” hidden in your head.

EC: Who is Cristobal Tapia de Veer?

Cyrtanthus ventricosus.

EC: Can you tell us something about your musical education?

I’m a Conservatory snob, Master’s degree, Classical music, but I’m feeling better now.

EC: In your opinion are you a musician or a film score composer? What do you think about your role in Music world?

None. I’m trying not to get caught.

EC: You’re the winner of the Royal Television Society award for the best original score, congrats Cristobal, you deserved it. Do you feel different now? Is this award the kind of reward you’re looking for?

Yes I feel different, because one of my cats disappeared the day I won the RTS. I’m not looking for rewards, I’m looking for my cat.

EC: Regarding Utopia soundtrack is it more difficult to compose the “cool” part, and I think you know what we mean, the part stuck in everyone-who-has-seen-Utopia’s mind, or the connection and less attractive parts? The question seems really simple but the point is: using music to comment the episodes could be very difficult in certain cases and we would like to know which are these difficult moments.

What’s difficult is letting go of a cue that seemed to work for a while but might have been the wrong direction to start with. Also hard to not state the obvious with a score, which makes most movies unwatchable to me, but rather to enrichen the story with dimension, perspective.

EC: In Utopia story development which side is the music on? Does it takes a position relying to“Good” or “Evil” or it is neutral?

It’s heightening awareness, creating an illusion of what’s missing on the screen, like the smell of a torture chamber or Jessica Hyde’s dellusional love story. Strong events in real life get printed in our brains forever, a snapshot is taken from those moments, with very rich sensorial content. I think of music in movies as the way to create that sensorial complexity, to mark the brain.

EC: Which are the greatest examples in using electronic music as soundtrack? Have you been inspired by some particular artists to compose Utopia soundtrack?

I don’t have a reference for Utopia. Composers using electronics that I like are people like Cliff Martinez, Michael Andrews, John Carpenter…

EC: Which artists are you listening to at the moment? Do you listen to something when it comes to create your music?

Lots of Cumbia and Mozart at the moment. Tyler, The Creator is good. I might listen to classical music to get inspired, or listen to my cat.

EC: Regarding your Youtube Channel that we found really interesting, why did you decide to upload the digital version of your VHSs collection? Is it kind a way to create an archive for yourself or a way to teach something to the viewers and share some stimulating stuffs? There are some very weird gems.

It’s great to type something on Youtube and find it, something you thought you’ll never find again. Youtube is a wonderful public library that Google will no doubt find ways to turn into shit, soon.


EC: What do you think about humanity has a whole? How do you think mankind will end?

I’ll quote Reggie Watts on that one: “You need to realize that everyone around you is really good at something, we’re sourrounded by amazing people all the time but you’ll never know unless you ask them. Often times when I ask people things, they oftentimes will oftentimes say something often, and the more often that I notice that they’re saying things that I think they’re going to say over and over again, which would clacify as often, I feel as though there’s a tranquil sunset setting in over my mind, which indicates that the world is gonna be a pretty cool place at some point, and then is gonna be horrible again, but then is gonna be really cool, and then is gonna be not so good, and then it’ll be pretty decent for a while, and then is gonna be like OH-OH….”

EC: What do you fear most?


EC: Is there an haiku you would use to describe your music?

Robert Yehling (1959- )
A little boy sings
on a terrace, eyes aglow.
Ridge spills upward.

Teaser for the Original Soundtrack from the controversial show SERIE NOIRE.

Artworks: Philipp S. Neundorf / German comic-strip artist, digital and graphic art, photographer.

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