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Eclectic Collective is really excited and proud and there’s a particular reason for this. Together with Spazio Aereo, a black cave in Venice industrial zone, we are looking forward to host the live performances of Ben Frost and Healing Force Project. April Friday 10 is the set date for the space launch: the Italian duo Onland is going to prepare the aircraft for Mr. Frost and then Antonio Marini, the man behind Healing Force Project, is leading us in the never ending orbital travel accross the solar system. We’ve reached out to Antonio to ask him about his project and to know more about what to expect from his live performance at Spazio Aereo.

Reserve your seat in the spaceship here > TICKETS

While we are waiting for the flight we can let Healing Force Project fill our ears with illusional drifts listening to this two-hours mixtape he made for us.

Healing Force Project – EC Mixtape by Eclectic_Collective on Mixcloud


EC: Who or what is Healing Force Project?

Healing Force Project is simply a own project ,where I take a.k.a name from one of famous records done by Albert Ayler, an afro-american sax player, that is called “Music is the Healing Force of the Universe”.
One of those productions that assimilate jazz and the concept of spirituality too.

EC: A simple question: what does music represent for you?

Music for me represents a lots of things : at first, clearly, the freedom to express themselves, then the creativity inside every track that you can do and the contaminations that are very important to your own path.

EC: Does chaos exist according to your thoughts?

In my thoughts there isn‘t any form of chaos, at least I hope..Seriously, I do always a premise: I am not a musician! This is bad, but it can be good in some ways with electronic music.
So the “disorder” or “chaos” in my things are not the result of chance, but is pure instinct, that after 20 years of djing comes out inevitably in all of us.



EC: It seems some of your tracks are pretending to reflect a substantial disorder even though they are perfectly equilibrated, probably by your rigor.

I connect with the previous question, there are many structures in my productions. I think there isn‘t nothing rigorous in what I do, some are good things, and I am happy for the positive feedbacks that i received but I have to try to improve from every point of view.

EC: How jazz and jazz culture influenced your music? Are there any artists you feel connected to?

The first jazz records that I heard were those of Sun Ra and Miles Davis…Not simple..ahah…whether in their avant-garde and classic period too. This was my first step, but now after a while I think that I didn‘t understand a lot about it… The “word” jazz is all and nothing at the same time..You never stop learning and listening unknown material in this unique “genre” and stile of thought.

EC: Jazz and Techno, Techno and Jazz. These are the two main opposite key points in your music. Is there a link between the two? Sometimes it seems you start from a point to get to another transforming one genre into the other.

I agree about the “words” techno and jazz together..There are many conjunctions with the experimental concept, the mental work that I try to do in every single track and the sound influences inside my projects.
Detroit, no matter how far, teaches..

EC: Can you describe your relationship with the many labels you’ve been working with?

The relationship with the labels was very simple..I‘ve sent my demos and luckily someone has answered and has believed in me. In fact I will never stop thanking them for this..



EC: Are there any video references that inspire your production?

There aren‘t video references in my productions…It‘s funny, but I just capture a possible inspiration from the sounds that hear, nothing else..In fact, I usually close my eyes to avoid anything that can distract me ..

EC: Are you working on something new at the moment?

I am not working on something new in this moment but there are two projects that will be out in the next months ,I don‘t know when exactly, but I think between Summer and Autumn later thisyear..An album of ten tracks with the Eclipse Music of Turin (with the collaboration of Giorgio Li Calzi on trumpet in three tracks) and there will be a 12″ of four tracks with Bedouin Records called “Entheogenic Spore”.

EC: What do you expect from the performance at Spazio Aereo? Are there some particular vibes that enhance your approach?

I expect all the best for this night..For one reason: the atmosphere inside “Spazio Aereo” is simply unique…I had already the pleasure to play there…The sound system is simply amazing..There aren‘t rivals..Every details is way over the top..The vibes people bring and their desire to open up the sounds that will hear in that special and incredible event.

EC: Is there an haiku you’d like to use to describe your music?

I prefer just a sentence: “Don‘t assign limits to the nature of our instincts”…Just this.


Artwork: Larry Carlson

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